Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kraft Mac & Cheese TV ads, with lines from Twitter

This is a really nice bit of work for Kraft in the US:

To promote their Macaroni and Cheese they asked people to tweet about the snack; they promised to turn some of the tweets into TV ads within 24 hours.

Here are two of the ads - it's very well done, although it seems that there has been a bit of shoe-horning to get the tweeted phrases in.  (In the first one the phrase isn't said when the actor is on scree so it could have been voiced over afterwards.)  I don't believe that the sketches were written from scratch, I think they had the ideas, then looked for tweets that could be filled in.

My cynicism aside, this is really creative.

More on the story (& 2 more videos) on Adrants.

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