Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Telegraph launch their own Groupon

British newspaper The Daily Telegraph has launched its own daily deals; today you can book a 3 course meal at L'Escargot for two for £60, in a programme it's calling 'Selected'

It's a pretty good idea.  It leverages their database, can be tailored to the tastes that they know their readers have, and also extends the whole 'reader offer' idea.

As far as I know this isn't a deal with Groupon, as some newspapers have done in the States, but simply copying the very-easy-to-copy model.

I expect the other papers to follow suit.  The Times already does Times Plus, and The Guardian also have lots of premium services and courses ('Masterclasses') for readers.

Newspapers are great at defining who their readers are.  As a Guardian reader I follow lots of the expected patters in my cultural tastes, (Alexei Sayle once said "You can tell what TV programmes I watch by looking at my furniture") so why not find new ways to sell things to me?

I currently spend about £100 a year on The Guardian (the Saturday edition, 52 times a year), but they'd more out of me by selling me things that they already know that I like, as I argued here.

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