Saturday, June 11, 2011

Groupon Now

Groupon Now is a mobile app that let's people see offers near to them.  It gives you two options - I'm Bored and I'm Hungry, and then finds either diversions like classes or spa treatments, or food deals near to you.  So far it's only available in some cities in the US.

It also works as a platform for businesses.  As the video shows, if you run a cafe and it's having a quiet day you can turn on a deal, attract more customers, and then turn if off again.  It's like a more flexible version of Vouchercloud.

I'm pretty bearish on Groupon overall - they're so reliant on flakey or dishonest local businesses, and bad experiences seem to be mounting up - but this is an excellent idea.

Also - a long article about Groupon in today's Guardian.

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