Wednesday, June 29, 2011

World of Fourcraft

World of Fourcraft is a Foursquare hack that turned New York into a game of Risk.  (Via Mashable)

Players could select a team, and then then game worked out who controlled each neighbourhood by seeing how many players of each allegiance were in each neighbourhood.

It's very clever, and lots of fun.  It's only played by about 100 people, but forgetting that for a moment, it shows that people unconnected with Foursquare found a way to use the platform to make it more fun.

I think that 'fun' is central to the appeal of lots of things.  These days I seem to go to Facebook out of obligation (reminders, messages from places or groups I haven't visited in ages) whereas Twitter and Instapaper are fun.  Think about it - Facebook is for routine normal stuff, Twitter is for seeing if Wayne Rooney has posted any more pics of his hair transplant.

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