Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zaarly - a mobile marketplace for services

Zaarly is a new mobile-based marketplace for services.  Post what you want someone to do, how much you're willing to pay, when you want it, and then other people can pitch.  It's location based, and a sign of how the world could be once smartphone ownership is at a critical mass amongst groups.  (It already is in some cases - comScore report that over 60% of 25-34s in the UK now have a smartphone.

Launched nationally in the US less than a month ago, they are now claiming that $1m worth of transactions have been posted.

It seems that initially they thought it would be idea for people trying to find things like tickets to sold out events, but now they're focussing more on services - see the video below.

They've even set up a Tumblr to showcase the good experiences users have had.

Clearly there are going to be some problems - finding someone to paint your house (trusting them with keys etc) has a lot more associated risks that buying something from eBay - but it looks like it could be a winner.

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wwomp said...

Check out WWOMP (Worldwide Open Marketplace) in the UK which launched this week. It is a Zaarly type site

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