Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things I Love - Sunday 12th February

The rap battle Blizzard Vs. Mark Grist:  A former teacher and a 17 year old battle it out.  The action starts about 2 minutes in, and goes on for about 10 minutes, and it's excellent.  I see big things for 'Monty Gristo', a performance poet; apparently the video has led to a lot of interesting offers, and he's going to be spending this week having meetings.  A slot on 10 O'Clock Live?  It couldn't make it worse...

Moby's Architecture blog (yes, really).  Moby writes passionately about his city, and argues that in LA it's harder to find the good stuff because it's much better hidden away than in, say, London or Paris.  It's making me want to go to LA for the first time ever.  All those castles!  & you can hike, apparently.

I also love this post about a random yellow bungalow, that clearly explains why so many artists are moving to LA - it's so cheap, and it's 75 degrees in February.

This set of dog pictures is amazing - probably too strange to buy and frame, but stunning on the screen.

The Chewbacca Defence, a concept invented by South Park.  Essentially you confuse the jury with random facts and arguments, and it helps people to get acquitted...

& finally, this set of pictures of Blue Ivy Carter, posted by the family on an official Tumblr  The Beckhams posted a twitpic of Harper Seven; I think this will be what more celebs do in the future.  Great pr for Tumblr too, in that they didn't put it on a dot-com.  That's one cute baby!

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