Sunday, February 19, 2012

Things I Love - Sunday 19th February

This amazing video of freestyle bike tricks on a vintage ladies bike

Chicago Mixtape is a weekly free download of the best Chicago bands playing live in the city that week.  Brilliant, simple concept - and the music's mostly very good.  Each mixtape expires after a week, so the bands are only giving their music away for a limited time.  More about the history of the project here.  Great idea for a radio show too.  Subscribe for free tracks like this, from Grandkids!

This excellent Pinterest board of agency rhyming slang.  Margaret Thatcher = Data Capture, Bill Nighy = API, Danny Dyer = Media Buyer etc.  Manages to be a million times funnier than Channel 4's terrible Mad Bad Ad Show.  Yes, I know it's just for us agency folk, and MBAS is a mass market TV show, but seriously C4, it shouldn't be that hard to make a good, funny programme about advertising.  You read so much about media and communications in newspapers, people all have favourite ads... give us an intelligent show (e.g. a British Gruen Transfer) instead of this.

This picture, showing that cats can even improve sleeveface

& the trailer for the new series of Mad Men

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