Sunday, February 26, 2012

Things I Love - Sunday 26th February

These amazing patterns in the snow - there's a full set of pictures here.  Very creative!

Pinboard, the bookmarking service.  I've persisted with Delicious for a long time, and stayed with it out of loyalty after the changes last year, but enough is enough.  It kept getting slower, they didn't listen to feedback (the GetSatisfaction board was cancelled), and so I took the plunge and moved everything to Pinboard.  It took less time to transition than I feared (about 20 minutes, plus some tidying up of tags).  The guys who bought Delicious thought they were buying something with the potential of Pinterest (how sick must they be feeling now?) but goodbye.  Classic example of how to buy and ruin a service.

This video of ten things Noel Gallagher loves and hates.  Contains swearing.

Everyone's passing around the new CassetteBoy 'News' clip, but also check out this Billy Connolly one from a couple of years ago.

Boqueria, the new Spanish restaurant in Acre Lane SW2.  I've been twice now, and it's been excellent both times.  Sit at the bar, or in the restaurant room at the back.  Super-friendly.  Approx £20 per head.  Go!

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