Monday, May 07, 2012

Things I Love - Monday 7th May

Shit-Starter - collating some of the worst of KickStarter.  Lots of great examples of badly thought through projects.

Henry Rollins' open letter to young Americans.  "You must never lower yourself to the person you don't like"

(& if you like that, watch this)

Okayafrica Mixtapes.  This is just the first one, lots more to come.

Advice to young people who want to work in the music industry, from Digital Music News.  When I posted this on Twitter I got into a bit of a debate about whether jobs in the music industry were still worth trying for, but I think that there will always be interesting jobs, although not necessarily rewarding ones in the long term.  What I like most about the advice is the breakdown of side projects you can do to give yourself relevant experience.  The same applies for advertising and media - think about what you can do that will show off how you think.

Coldplay's tribute to MCA of the Beastie Boys.  It makes the song sound more like a Coldplay song, but it's a great cover version.

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