Tuesday, October 02, 2012

'Blipp' a $5 bill to Donate to Obama

At the Mobile Marketing Live conference today Blippar showed an entertaining use of their augmented reality.

They've used their technology in the US to let people donate to the Obama campaign.  Just scan (or Blipp in their terminology) a $5 bill, and then you can donate to Obama on his website.  Alternatively you can look at other features, and even create a photo of a friend high-fiving Obama.

It's a fun use of the app, and a great idea to set something as every day as a five dollar bill as the trigger.  Having said that though, Burger King used a one dollar bill as the trigger for this augmented reality banner ad back in 2009.

Also - I love how Blippar is trying to get Blipp to be adopted as a verb; they use it on all their materials now - e.g. Blipp this for a coupon.

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