Monday, October 22, 2012

James Bond ads by Skyfall Sponsors

A new James Bond film is always a huge event, especially in the UK, and part of the strategy in the marketing is to get the official partners to help promote the film.  They do lots of promotion of their own as well of course, for example this game to see if you're fit to be a secret agent, but here are examples of the ads and initiatives from Skyfall's partners:

Coke Zero

Unlock the 007 in you:

Very cleverly followed up a few weeks later by this real life stunt:

Coke Zero are also using Aurasma to encourage people to buy drinks in the cinemas.  If you buy a Coke Zero in a special cup in a Vue cinema you can scan it with your phone using the Aurasma app and 'wait for the magic to happen'


A special commercial, with clips from the film.

...Which is linked to this Facebook Game


A short ad for the official Skyfall Seamaster watch


Nothing yet, but they did supply the motorbikes in the film


This ad for all of the Sony technology that Bond uses, including a Vaio and the Xperia T

(What's the deal with that?  Why are Q Branch giving him an Xperia T?  Are the spending cuts that bad?  It's probably less plausible than when he had an invisible car in Die Another Day)

Also, Sony pulled this stunt at a screening in Sweden.  Very clever!

Any things I've missed?  Please add any other tips in the comments!

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