Monday, July 15, 2013

Local Deliveries

I've seen lots of things recently about local deliveries.

For example:

Kate Spade's twist on the Korean QR codes in New York - order something, then a messenger will bring it to you within 1 hour (certain areas only, payment on delivery)

Yelp becoming a merchant for food delivery

Ebay is offering same day delivery, and Amazon is thinking about it, apparently

51Buy is thinking about 2 hour delivery

You can argue that eCommerce has benefited people in rural areas more than urban areas so far.  It's made more of a difference to people living no where near to a bookshop than people who live and work in cities.

There are places in cities where hundreds of thousands people work within a square mile.  When I was a student I had a job working in the postroom at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, and I spent all day walking around different wards and departments delivering stuff to people.  I'm sure there must be a way to do that commercially.

We had a quick brainstorm for things office workers might want delivered (besides food) to their desks within a couple of hours.  Things like...

Headphones & other small electronics items, even phones
Cosmetics and toiletries
Items of clothing (someone like Asos could partner with someone like for emergency new clothes)

Things like books, music and tickets are now downloadable, but lots of other things aren't and I'm sure will soon be delivered.

(Update - it's been pointed out that Oasis already offer 90 minute local delivery in certain parts of the UK trrough Shutl)

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