Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Khan Academy and Bank of America provide financial education

Bank of America has commissioned Khan Academy to produce some videos for them to explain simple financial concepts like balancing a budget and saving money.

The videos themselves aren't embeddable sadly, but you can see them here at, and you can see Salman Khan here talking about the deal.

The videos themselves aren't in the normal lo-fi Khan style, but are closer to the Common Craft style, like this one from Common Craft on borrowing money, which also isn't embeddable

(I guess that Khan has got a better brand name for partnering with)

It's good because it gives Bank of America good content from someone who's got a proven ability in clear communication, and it also follows one of my trend from last year for online education.


James said...

All of the videos made by Khan Academy are also on their site:

All the videos there are embeddable by clicking on Share->Embed below the videos. For instance here is the one on Personal Bankruptcy that appears on both site:

Dan said...

Hi James,

Right, but the ones made by Khan for BoA aren't, unless I'm missing something. The ones you list were made for Visa.

Ones like this one for BoA aren't, are they?

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